The Truth About Conflict Everyone Needs to Know

There is one thing you need to know about conflict that will probably forever change the way you relate to others. You can be the most patient, caring, disciplined, or restrained person in the world, but if you objectify the people you are in conflict with as the problem itself, if you communicate to others that the problem is them, you will not do well in this area of life. When I was growing up my siblings and I did many of the stereotypical things that siblings do to annoy and aggravate one another. One time one of my siblings opened a brand new package of oreo cookies, and separating all of the cookies, ate all of the delicious white cookie cream out of each and every cookie. Then my

Falling... and Learning to Walk

I used to think that in order to build confidence I needed to have more experiences of success. Yet when I think about the most confident people I know, it's not so much that everything they touch "turns to gold," but more that they seem to handle failure in a way that for me is just not natural! Sure, successes are great and yes, they do make us more confident, but I believe our failures can be just as confidence-building if we know how to approach them. I witnessed something amazing when my daughter was learning to walk. I think... I actually saw the moment she figured it out. When she was one year old, my aspiring toddler had all the strength, balance, and coordination she needed to wal

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